Palmer T. Lee - 2019

Team Love Records

Featuring Bevin Foley and Joshua Grice on fiddle.

Palmer T. Lee's debut album, “Winebringer,” is an intensive look at love and longing that follows the end of a relationship.

Searching for the Moon

Montgomery Brown and the Orchestra of Dust - 2017


Fiddle featured on "Endless Open Road", "Searching for the Moon", and "The Seamstress Lullaby."

A montage of experiences all born from the elusive search.

The Oly Mountain Boys Meet Daniels and Baker

Oly Mountain Boys - 2016

The Oly Mountain Boys bring full traditional bluegrass band power. Daniels and Baker bring innovative arranging and sharp vocal harmonies. And everybody picks up a storm.


Rooster Crow - 2016

Americana folk-rock telling stories of the American struggle, the American dream, and all of the layers in between. 

A Woodstove, Gardens and Love Songs

The Strillas - 2016

Original mountain music featuring banjo, fiddle, acoustic guitar and harmony singing.

White Horse

Oly Mountain Boys - 2014

An 18-song concept album that tells a life story from beginning to end through original bluegrass. This unique project unifies music with Pacific Northwest history in a supplemental 68-page booklet containing the work of a dozen writers and artists.

Through The Sky

Oly Mountain Boys - 2012

With their second studio album, the Oly Mountain Boys bring a fresh and modern sound to their distinctive brand of bluegrass music while keeping one foot firmly in the hallowed territory of bluegrass tradition.

Live at High & Dry

Oly Mountain Boys - 2012

A mix of hard-driving traditional bluegrass tunes and Oly Mountain Boys originals from the High and Dry Bluegrass Festival in Bend, Oregon!

Oly Mountain Boys

Oly Mountain Boys - 2010

The Oly Mountain Boys' debut album, combining bluegrass picking prowess and tight, three-part vocal harmonies, and bringing a youthful vitality to one of America’s original musical forms.